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Specializing in the following Production & Editing Services:


Production & Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro


Logo Design

Adobe Illustrator


Digital Art 

Adobe Photoshop 


Adobe's Animate + 

Character Animator


Building + Editing


Portfolio/Video Production & Editing

Graphics, Animation, Soundtrackfor Danny Malt's Comic Stories Explained on YouTube
Comic Stories on Video:Latest to Earliest Releases

LazarusVolume 3Volume 2Volume 1
Saga Series (Continued)Saga - Volume 11
Conan the Barbarian - 5 Videos Volumes 0-4
100 Bullets Series - 12 VideosVol. 13Vol. 12, Vol.  11Vol.10,  Vol. 09Vol. 08, Vol.  07, Vol. 06,  Vol. 05Vol. 04, Vol. 02Vol. 01

Daredevil Series - 6 VideosParts 1-6 by BrubakerPart 6Part 5Part 4,  Part 3Part 2Part 1
Daredevil Series - 6 VideosParts 1-6 by BendisPart 6Part 5Part 4Part 3Part 2Part 1

More Coming Soon:In Progress!

Saga Series Bonus Soundtrack by Hero 2theRescue

Digital Art Some Samples

Original - Unaltered

Altered Version I

'Give me Space'

Altered Version II

'Revealing the eye of the beeholder'


'And somewhere lies the answer ~ to all the questions why'

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